• Supply: chains of command

    Installing visible and consistent IT software is only one step towards achieving more effective operator-vendor relationships.

  • Ambassadors of excellence

    How do multinational operators ensure that a geographically dispersed workforce has the right skills and training?

  • Royal Caribbean International: Cast in Shadow

    Adam Goldstein is tight-lipped about Project Sunshine, but he is clearly excited by the changes being ushered in. Royal Caribbean International’s CEO tells Phin Foster how the company is responding...

  • Costa Crociere: Made in Italy

    The European cruise industry enjoyed a record year in 2010, helped by the success of its largest group Costa Crociere. Phin Foster meets chairman and CEO Pier Luigi Foschi to...

  • The Shipping Forecast

    The year 2011 has been challenging for the cruise industry, with world economic events making cabins difficult to fill. Gregg Michel from Crystal Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line’s Kevin Sheehan...

  • New Wave Attractions

    Onboard cinemas and theatres are going through a purple patch. Guests are now being treated to the latest 3D blockbusters and theatre productions in surroundings that supersede many multiplexes and...