• Q&A: Environmental Issues

    Dr Hermann Klein talks to Andrea Ashfield about the environmental issues facing the cruise industry. What can be done to meet the challenge?

  • As Good as Renew: Fleet Refurbishment

    Orders for newbuilds are in decline, and there is a growing focus on fleet refurbishment. Rebecca Burgess talks to Royal Caribbean Cruises' Harri Kulovaara and Kevin Douglas, Holland America Line's...

  • A Clean Break: Emission Control

    By 2015, operators will change to fuel with a sulphur content of no more than 0.1% in emission control areas. Ian Adams, CEO of the International Bunker Industry Association talks...

  • Special Attention: Onboard Spas

    Onboard spas are now de rigueur, cruise brochures are full of 'wellness centres' and 'unique spa experiences'. It seems cruise lines all over the world are trying to outdo each...

  • Safe Harbour: Passenger Protection in Ports

    In 2010, the cruise industry was shaken by the shooting of a 15-year-old passenger at St Thomas, Virgin islands. In the wake of the shooting, ports and cruise lines renewed...

  • Full Steam Ahead: The Cruise Industry in 2011

    Cruise passenger numbers are expected to rise in 2011. Joe Slattery, Holland America, Alfredo Spadon and Neil Palomba, MSC Cruises, and Stephanie Farrow, Fred.Olsen, discuss their deployment strategies.

  • Size Up: One-Size-Fits-All Ports and Terminals

    Ships such as Oasis of the Seas are changing the face of cruise shipping. Andrea Ashfield asks Royal Caribbean's Juan Trescastro and Fred.Olsen's Matt Grimes how ports and terminals have...

  • Grading Up: Onboard IT Challenges

    Advances in technology are improving the cruise experience for passengers, but these can pose challenges for operators. Rebecca Burgess explores the impact of software upgrades with Giuseppe Flammia of MSC...