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I have been retained by a Central American country to look for a company with proven technology and good track record to treat black and grey water, perhaps ballast water, etc., when ships dock into that country’s ports.

We have the money for this potential project.

  • First phase: study
  • Second phase: if studies recommends it: construction of facilities in one or two ports
  • Third phase(probable): running the operation, at least until well-trained local teams can take over such responsibility

Please send me information on your company, technology used, experience, etc.



We need to buy 30-litre kegs in Saint Maarten.

Could you kindly let me know how I can get those?



We are tendering for a 171m luxury motor yacht and we are preparing our technical and economical offer for it.

We are confident that your experience can help us to find the best possible solution for shell and stern doors. For this purpose we have prepared technical documentations in order to request a proposal for all watertight shell doors and the stern door/bating platform that shall be installed on board.

Please let us know if you are interested to offer such items. In this case we provide you all the specification and information that we have in this stage of design.